FAQ Page

Welcome to the online demonstration of the WordPress FAQ plugin.

You can browse around the front-end to see how the questions/answers, groups, widgets, and other elements work.

You may log in to the dashboard using the username and password “demo” (without the quotes) to try out the FAQ plugin back-end and see how the frequently asked questions are managed by the administrator.

Feel free to make any changes you want to. This demo is intended to be tried out and used. It will reset to its default state every few hours.


FAQs Demos:

Head over to the Group List page to see how you can display all your FAQ topics/groups in a page using a shortcode.

Below are some sample questions which were added to the page using a shortcode from the FAQ plugin.

Is there a Shortcode to display my questions?

Yes, the Tribulant FAQ Plugin will add a fancy FAQ icon on your text editor that will allow you to select which shortcodes should be inserted into your pages.

There are shortcodes for all questions, all groups, specific groups, question boxes, question search, etc.

Do I Have to Use the Accordion Style?

No, the accordion effect is optional and you can configure everything through the plugin settings.

How Do I Add New FAQs?

Adding a new FAQ is really simple, you can add new questions through your website dashboard just like a regular page or you can let your users create new questions through the "Ask a Question" box.

Can I Approve the Questions?

Sure thing! When an user submit a question it won't be displayed until you approve it under the website dashboard.

Can I use custom post types?

Yes, you can use custom post types for both groups and questions as needed. You simply choose that option when saving a group or question.

You can choose between a page, post or custom post type when saving a group or a question.

The name/slug of the groups custom post type is "faq-group"
The name/slug of the questions custom pos ttype is "faq"

How long can I use it for?

You can use the WordPress FAQ plugin forever. Your installed version will never stop working and will never expired. We have an updates policy on downloads which you can find on our site though.

Where can I buy the FAQ plugin?

You can get the WordPress FAQ plugin from our website.

We are Tribulant Software! We develop, market and support premium WordPress plugins amongst other, related services and products.

How much does the FAQ plugin cost?

Click on the following link to find out its current price: WordPress FAQ plugin.

Can I add images or videos to answers?

Yes. Here's an example: