Specify featured questions by starring them under FAQs > Questions section.

Then use the featured attribute/parameter in any shortcode to display featured or not featured questions.

To show featured questions, use [ ... featured=1] and to display not featured questions, use [ ... featured=0] . You can use the featured param on any of the shortcodes.

How Do I Add New FAQs?

Adding a new FAQ is really simple, you can add new questions through your website dashboard just like a regular page or you can let your users create new questions through the "Ask a Question" box.

Can I use custom post types?

Yes, you can use custom post types for both groups and questions as needed. You simply choose that option when saving a group or question.

You can choose between a page, post or custom post type when saving a group or a question.

The name/slug of the groups custom post type is "faq-group"
The name/slug of the questions custom pos ttype is "faq"

How much does the FAQ plugin cost?

Click on the following link to find out its current price: WordPress FAQ plugin.