Welcome to the online demo of the One Click SSL plugin.

You can login to the demo site as super administrator using these details:

Username: demo
Password: demo

Go to the Network Admin to see the SSL settings.

What is One Click SSL?

It is a free plugin and universally essential to all WordPress users.

The plugin allows you to turn on SSL on your WordPress website if your hosting supports SSL. On the SSL aka https:// protocol, all traffic and data will be encrypted to prevent theft, interception and hacking in transit.

Check SSL Support

A check SSL support utility is built into the plugin to first test if SSL works on your website/hosting to prevent it from becoming inaccessible.

Enable SSL

With SSL support available, you can turn on SSL on your WordPress website.

Configure SSL Settings

Further configure your WordPress SSL as needed.

Give your users security and peace of mind!

Benefits of SSL

Here are the main benefits of SSL on WordPress:

  1. SECURITY — SSL protects your website’s data and visitors. It encrypts data transferred over the web, like form submissions and credit card transactions.
  2. SEO — Google says it’s past time to move your sites over to HTTPS. They are now giving an SEO ranking boost to secure sites. Simply put, you’ll rank better in SEO with HTTPS.
  3. ECOMMERCE —If you’re taking any payments from your website, SSL is non-negotiable. SSL is an absolute must for all ecommerce and membership websites.
  4. AFFORDABILITY — In the past, SSL certificates could get expensive, but the rapidly-transforming web landscape has made switching to SSL practical and affordable.